a coffee pub

The canvas or template for our space.  For centuries, the "pub" (short for public house) has been the center of community-life in England.  The Foundery Coffee Pub serves locally roasted coffee instead of alcohol, but retains the same anchors of community life and creative interaction typically found in a neighborhood pub.  As a non-profit business, The Foundery Coffee Pub will source funds and volunteers for initiatives in the neighborhood and beyond.


a Community cultivator

Very much like its namesake, The Foundery, is a hub for cooperative community action.  We seek opportunities to engage out community by identifying gifts and assets, then connecting people with different gifts and assets to grow the community

A conservatory

An artist community rooted in creative expression.  The Conservatory provides opportunities for cross-medium collaboration through visual and performing arts events.  The artist community expands to serve and include the surrounding neighborhood to bring artistic cultural enrichment to our neighbors and friends of The Foundery.  

a church

A United Methodist faith community for students, faculty, and alumni that strives to offer refuge through love, mercy, and grace for the broken in order to seek and be sought by God.  The Foundery provides a safe place for students, both the believer and the skeptic, to grow in their love for God and their neighbor.


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